Saturday, August 20, 2011

Uneventful Albia

Albia saw its first elder this time! Mithos has aged gracefully and, thanks to the fan-made Grendel sprite expansion, is now sporting a silver curl of hair. I'm surprised he was the first to age to elder, as he's about 20 minutes younger than the oldest Norn, Kratos, who at 8 hours and 50 minutes still has a full head of hair.

Regal made his way from the island to the wishing well area, where he met Presea. They had a bit of a romance some time ago; he is the father of both her eggs. He seems worried about her, and rightfully so, as her health hovers consistently around the 50% mark due to her refusal to eat. I was able to convince her to eat a single carrot recently, but that was only after much coaxing. Maybe the presence of another Norn will encourage her.

Meanwhile, some of the younger Norns have congregated in the garden and temple area. Here Emil is desperately trying to escape Marta's affections by taking the lift to the treetops. These two still have very distinct personalities: Emil dislikes crowds and flees after too much time around others, while Marta actively seeks out the company of other Creatures. Considering that some of the other Norns have genetic changes of a similar scale that have little effect on their behavior, I'm surprised at how entertaining these two are to be around. I had almost excluded them because I wasn't sure I could care for so many Norns at once. Now I'm glad I changed my mind!

Emil fled all the way to the island, where he was finally able to get a nap. He later took the submarine back to the mainland without even seeing the island's usual inhabitants, Kratos, Raine, and Mithos. Maybe he realizes there's more room to run away from others on the mainland.

Seles and young Genis took a nap in the kitchen. Seles is another Norn with a very striking personality, literally: she's clearly the most slap-happy of everyone in Albia, and she often does it with a huge smile on her face. I think she must think slapping is a game! I'm concerned that she might never breed -- remember that these Norns have an altered Conservative Norn gene that reduces sex drive when they are slapped.

Genis took the teleporter to the garden, where he was promptly stung by a bee and turned right around to head back to the safety of the incubator area. On the way, however, he was distracted by the bright yellow lemons growing on the trellis near the boabab. It never occurred to me before, but I'm pretty sure lemons don't grow on vines in real life. Apparently Albian lemons are different.

Surprisingly, there have been no new eggs for quite some time now. Usually an overabundance of eggs and kisspopping is the problem! I take back what I said about these Norns breeding easier than expected! Until now I haven't been encouraging them much, but I may need to start in order to ensure a healthy supply of second-generation eggs.

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