Monday, August 22, 2011

A Few Elders and a Perfect Egg

At very nearly nine hours old, Kratos has become an elder. I've always felt a little sorry for male Purple Mountain Norns when they age to elder and go bald! At least they can't get any grayer. Kratos has become more stubborn about eating and sleeping in his old age. He is still reluctant to leave his island and spends most of his time staring at the food I bring him.

Regal and Raine, on the other hand, have both gone party or completely gray! Presea may be a little nervous about her impending transition to elderhood. Elder Pixie Norns are almost identical to adults, save for a few wrinkles. Her terrible eating also seems to have spread to her companions. Regal in particular, who I've never had trouble convincing to eat or sleep, has become less interested in food.

There have been exciting developments from the younger Norns! Zelos and Colette -- who, for some reason, have taken to hanging out in the still area, even though neither of them seems very interested in those little green bottles -- have an egg on the way! I was starting to think my world may be broken, as there have been a lot of kisspops lately that came to nothing! I was very surprised when I opened the Breeder's Kit and saw the telltale countdown, as I'd completely missed the pregnancy in the Observation Kit.

I was very happy, because I expect their genes will go together nicely. Colette soon laid a perfect little blue egg in the elevator shaft. I've put off discussing mutations since the first couple eggs, but this one has no mutations at all!

The youngest group of Norns haven't been as successful. Genis eventually abandoned his peers in favor of the bees and their hives. He and Sheena spent some time together, but no eggs came of it. I'd rather like to introduce him to Presea before she gets too much older -- White-Haired Pixie Norns are my favorite C1 breed, and, while Presea laid two eggs when she was considerably younger, I'd like more of them in the next generation. How's the saying go? You can lead Norns to lifts, but you can't make them breed! Or eat, for that matter.

Or maybe not.

Emil, meanwhile, seems content to hang out near the learning computer. Marta comes and goes -- her special instincts tell her to seek out others when bored, so I think she uses him mainly for entertainment when the toys in the garden area just aren't engaging enough. I have been hoping they would produce at least one egg, but there's still time!
Emil, Genis, and Lloyd have all spent time with Seles off and on, but she still shows little interest in becoming a mother. Her favorite pastime is still slapping! Remember that she has the "fight" genes, but not the "flight" genes, from the Ron Norn genome. I had expected her to be a bit grumpy, but she seems completely intent on destroying the libido of anyone she comes across! I've been keeping her separate from Emil and Marta, hoping that would increase their chances of having an egg, but I feel a bit guilty for giving her the genes I did. She seems happy though -- nothing puts a grin on her face quite like, well, slapping.

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