Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Tsundere Norn

Kratos and Mithos have now spent multiple hours on the island and show no sign of wanting to leave. Every so often Kratos will take a bite of the ampanula weed and scare me by showing up as "sick" on the Observation Kit for a few minutes. He never learns! But then again, he never learned to sleep well either!

Unlike Kratos, Regal is an excellent sleeper! In fact, I've repeatedly been worried that he's gotten into something containing sleep toxin, he sleeps so often. However, he too hasn't proven himself to be too adventurous, preferring to stay in the area around the lighthouse. I sometimes catch him quietly watching the fish in its bowl.

Of course, things couldn't remain quiet for too long! This is Zelos, one of two new additions to Albia. Zelos is a Wood Norn, a third-party breed by Frimlin available, once again, from the amazing Treesprite's Creatures Grove. The Wood Norn genome has some tweaks to their drive chemical reactions, which Zelos maintains.

He also has the fight-or-flight genes, which some small changes. In his system, the Turnase reaction occurs slightly more quickly than normal. Recall that Turnase converts fear to anger and is produced when a Creature is cornered. He also has an extra emitter that produces Turnase when his level of pain gets high. Theoretically, I think this means he will run from danger until actually attacked, in which case he'll quickly become angry and fight back. He doesn't seem very prone to anger, though! While I was off worrying over Raine and Presea, he was exploring the garden and cellar. Judging by that adorable grin, he was having a great time!

 The next first generation Norn to be hatched was another Purple Mountain Norn, a female named Sheena. She has slightly altered temperature-related emitters -- she gets hot more slowly than the average Norn, but is more susceptible to the cold. In addition, like Zelos, Sheena has the complete set of fight-or-flight genes. However, hers are unaltered. In fact, other than those small changes, she has a Ron genome.

After they both grew up a bit, I let Zelos and Sheena meet in the temple area. Can you guess how Sheena reacted?

She slapped him!

I couldn't make this stuff up. It didn't really seem to faze him at all, though, and they started to get along a bit better after that rocky start. I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that, while I may be theme-naming my Norns, they make their own decisions, especially about interacting with each other.

Presea has finally come out of her bout of depression and begun eating again! She also laid another egg, this one also fathered by Regal, and recovered far more quickly from this pregnancy! Hopefully, we won't have another scare like that with her. Like her first egg, this one also appears to have no mutations! Compared to the confusing mutations detailed in my last entry, no mutations is a pleasant surprise.

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