Friday, August 19, 2011

The Last of Gen 1 and an Illness

Kratos may have isolated himself from the other Norns on his island, but that hasn't saved him from Albia's many diseases! I think he's gotten sick more often than any other Norn so far -- but saying that is almost certainly asking for trouble. This disease caused Kratos's health to fluctuate oddly. Just when his glycogen returned to normal and his status in the Observation Kit would switch to "Healthy," his life force would start dropping and he would go back to being sick.

Here you can see the oddly irregular fluctuations the level of Antigen 0 took in Kratos's system and the speed at which he built up Antibody 0. I suppose the troughs of that line may have dipped below the amount required to qualify as "Sick" to the Observation Kit, but I hadn't considered what the threshold could be until now. Something to keep in mind -- the Observation Kit is useful, but not to be trusted completely!

Luckily, the disease didn't seem to be contagious, as Mithos has apparently avoided infection, and with a bit of extra attention Kratos was able to fight it off permanently.

 In the midst of all this, the youngest of all the first generation Norns hatched. This little white-haired Norn is Genis! He is almost completely normal except for his improved Forest Norn brain. Because I was distracted with Kratos, I wasn't able to fuss over him as much as I would have liked before he reached childhood. He was perfectly content to stay near the learning computer and watch the bees, though!

Genis eventually made his way to the temple area, where he met Seles, Emil, and Marta. However, he didn't seem terribly impressed by the older Norns and soon retreated to the garden with his bees. Why are Norns so interested in bees? You'd think they would eventually learn to stop getting stung.

Now that all twelve first generation Norns have hatched, I hope to make future updates more detailed. So far, each has covered about an hour of playtime on average. I'd like to shorten that to 30 to 40 minutes. If I write it here, maybe I'll actually do it instead my usual "Oh, five more minutes won't hurt!"

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