Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Like Night and Day

Albia saw two new additions this time! These are some of the last first-generation Norns -- thankfully, since the world is starting to get a bit crowded! C1 Norns are generally quite self-sufficient, but caring for 11 Norns is still getting to be a bit of a stretch.

Our first newcomer is Forest Norn Emil, shown here with Mithos, his first contact with other Creatures! In addition to the regular Forest genes, Emil has the "flight" half of the Ron Norn fight-or-flight genes. He also has an addition emitter that causes him to become frightened when very crowded. I'm curious how this will affect his personality. Will it cause him to avoid getting stressed over crowding, or just make him a loner?

Our second baby Norn is Marta, a Banana Norn who arrived with an enormous smile. The first Norn I ever hatched was a female Banana Norn (named Kay), so I have a special attachment to them. Marta has a few little genetic tweaks that make her more of a people-person -- or a Norn-Norn, I suppose. She becomes crowded slowly and has an extra instinct gene that encourages her to seek out others when bored. I wonder how she and Emil will get along?

After a short time with Marta and Seles, Emil had to go take a rest on his own. He goes off alone more frequently than the other young Norns. After leaving them to check up on the others, I often return to find he's gone to the garden or kitchen to get away from it all. He doesn't seem very interested in adventuring much beyond the temple. His personality definitely reflects his genes!

I was glad to see that Emil was able to get along with others, at least in small doses. The Forest Norn expression really suits him -- he looks so uncertain about this situation! Should he run, or would that offend her? On an unrelated note, look at those adorable little pointed ears of his!

Marta, too, acts much like I'd expected based on her genes! You can barely see him, but here she's cornered Emil in the garden area. She was very pouty before this, but when she found someone to play with, she perked up immediately! (Seles, meanwhile, had the good sense to escape to the treetops.)

Here's one last picture of these two. As you can see, Emil is a tad older. That doesn't stop Marta from bossing him around. He seems tolerant of it -- I'm glad he's able to smile even while running away!

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