Friday, September 2, 2011

Update on the Aged

Lately, Mithos has been spending a great deal of time with some of the Norns in the area near the cannon. I've found him to be, if anything, more obedient than my Norns, which is surprising as Grendels lack instincts to obey the hand. I'm trying to keep a closer eye on him using the Grendel Selector, as his age and the fact that he doesn't appear in the Observation Kit are cause for concern.

In my game, I've replaced the default Grendel genetics. Mithos and other Grendels born in my Albia are able to breed and have several genes from the Ron Norn breed, including the flight-or-fight genes and the new instincts. They also have the die-of-old-age gene. They are based on the many-colored Grendel genetics created by Slink.

Things have been peaceful for the elders of Albia recently. Kratos and Regal, the two firstborn of this generation, seem to have retired permanently to the island, specifically the middle level where it's easiest to watch the sealife. Regal makes occasional trips across the sea in the cart to visit the other Norns, but he always returns to the quiet of the island in the end.

Of course, Kratos has already spent most of his life on he island! At almost ten hours old, his health has started to worry me. Elder Norns often become stubborn eaters. This is made even more frustrating by Kratos's ever-present reluctance to listen my suggestions to eat and sleep. My paranoia is exacerbating my growing dread that the oldest first generation Norns will soon pass on.

But none of the elders are showing any sign of slowing down! Here are Raine and Presea in the latter's favorite spot between the outlook and cliff. Although they are both elders, notice how much Raine has shrunk! The Life Kit breeds become smaller in their old age, which can make mixed-breed elder Norns look a little odd. Raine seems to have been a good influence on Presea, who is finally eating on occasion before her life force drops into the 50s.

Norns with the die-of-old-age gene live about ten to twelve hours. Although I consider myself a generally logical and scientifically-minded person, I can't help but get attached to my little digital pets. Although they aren't literally alive,

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