Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Unexpected Egg and Other News

Although I've been forced to separate her from the others in the past, lately Seles has been doing very well socially! She still slaps more frequently and with more enthusiasm than is necessary, but she and Marta were able to pick and eat almost all the lemons on the lemon vine together in peace.

She was even present for the laying of Marta's egg, and seemed at least as surprised about the whole thing as the actual mother. I peeked at the genetics of the Norn inside, and, like all the second generation eggs aside from the first one, found no mutations that look worrying. Since most mutations are neutral at best, it's generally a relief to see that a Creature has no mutations that will affect its quality of life.

A short time later, I was surprised to see a new pregnancy listed in the Observation Kit, and even more surprised when I saw that the mother-to-be was Seles! I had almost given up on her, since her slapping has a tendency to kill the libido of any Norns in her company! I quick check with the D-DNA analyzer confirmed my suspicions that placid Emil was the male who was patient enough to withstand her attitude.

I missed the actual egg-laying, but later I found Seles's shiny blue egg in the garden! This brings the total number of second-generation eggs to twelve, with at least one egg by every first-generation Norn save one.

Meanwhile, Lloyd was out adventuring. Since he hasn't been hanging around the other Norns, he's missed out on playing a big role in the recent updates. With his tendency to travel when bored and hyperactive boredom emitter, he rarely spends an extended period of time in one place. He's spent quite some time playing with the mover below the garden and now is moving on to the area above the still.

Luckily, it looks like Lloyd's loner days are coming to a close, as he's met up with several of the female Norns near the wishing well. Elder females often retain some fertility, so there's always a chance some new eggs will come of this meeting! Also, as you can see, I've recently installed Freya's bridge cob. I'm hoping this will help my Norns travel around this area a little more efficiently.

Genis is the youngest first generation Norn and the only one who has yet to produce any eggs. The hatching of the first generation was quite widely spaced, and Genis is not quite three hours old, so there's still plenty of time. He has been hanging around in the same vicinity as Lloyd and the girls, but he seems to prefer amusing himself by playing with the lift in the lookout tower to playing with the others.

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